Bach Chaconne 50days Day 21

I practice m.229-m.249.

I did concentrate on music line more than last time. And I tried not to play with scratch sound😵

I need to spend more time.



Bach Chaconne 50days Day 20

I practiced m.133-m.137.

I have not decided to play this part without vibrato or with vibrato yet.

I recorded both today. Anyway it is so far away to get what I want.

It is my favourite part. I will keep try to get what I want 💪



without vibrato

with vibrato

Bach Chaconne 50days Day 18

I recorded all the parts as first time practice. I have to work on the details from now on😊

I will try to memorise as well.

By the way all the recording was recorded by iPhone and no editing. These are practice recording, so I hope I can show you guys how I am going to work this piece little by little.



Bach Chaconne 50days Day 14

This afternoon weather was heavy rain and thunder storm☔️⚡️

I hope it will be better before the HKPhil’s concert.