Bach Chaconne 50days Day 50

It is Day 50.

I played this Chaconne for somebody who are fighting with cancer.

I saw her dream with my dog. She was healthy in my dream😌

By the way, it was so tough to play through without editing and no acoustic (Japanese Tatami absorb the sound).

I will record this piece when I am ready…

I will continue to practice Chaconne:)






Bach Chaconne 50days Day 49

One more day to go…

I taught two students who are my old teacher’s students.

When I was little, I studied with my teacher at exactly same studio.

Time flies so fast. I would like to pass on young people what I learned as much as possible.




Bach chaconne 50days Day 42

I went to see my therapist to take care of my hands yesterday.
My left hand bones are not in right place again😱.
I have seen this therapist more than 10years. I cannot survive without her help ! She always fix my hand and body perfect 👍🏻
Since I was told not to practice, so I practice little .
I decide to play Chaconne for 50days straight ,so I will do my best.
On the other hand, I have to be in good condition for this coming Sunday’s concert.
Well, Musicians always have to deal with this. kind of stuffs 😑