How you comment on musician makes different of music world

I thought quite long time about people’s reaction for musician’s performance.

How does people comments on musicians and musician’s work?

I knew that if performer is your favourite ,friend or performer who has great reputation,

We listen without any prejudiced opinion.

You can relax to enjoy the music.

If you do not know about the performer, you probably listen to the music with full of curiosity.

If you know that the performer has good reputation ,but you have not listen to the performer yet,you will listen to the music with full of expectation.

Then if you know the performer who does not have good reputation or who is not your favourite , how do you listen the performer? Probably we will have a lot of different answers for that.

My dearest teacher Masuko Ushioda always told me that “‘do not go to only great concerts,also go to unknown concert .And if you like that performance, please ask yourself that what did I like that performance about? Also if you do not like the performance, please find out why I did not like the performance and learn from that,’’

I must say that I was super cocky girl when I was young.😝

I even comment about Joseph Szigeti’s recording to my teacher Masuko .

Tomoko: I do not like Szigeti’s playing.

Masuko:Why you do not like his playing ? with smile.

Tomoko: His sound is similar to mosquito ,not beautiful.

Masuko: Then you try to find your favourite sound from now on.

As you know that Szigeti is one of the legend violinist in the world.

Not only that , He was a Masuko’s teacher!!😱😳🤭

It was old recording 📽not CD📀,so that was a noise 😑

( You know how stupid I was or I still am ?!!)

When I was young in Boston, I heard Joshua Bell’s Brahms Violin concerto at Boston symphony hall and his performance was not convinced me at that time.

His posture was different from others because of his height, and I felt he is suffering to handling the violin. As I know now that my opinion was not totally true.

And go through period of time, now he is one of my favourite violinist.

He handle the instrument like part of his body, and his many kind of tone colours bring music alive.

What I would like to say today is

Try to enjoy the music with pure mind like white paper.

Try not believe to other people’s opinion about players. Your opinion is important.


Your opinion might change any time, so always open your mind to listen to music.

Live performance is only one time shot, therefor influence is big.

And it is very different each performance even same performance, so do not decide so soon about your opinion. You might change yours later. You can say that I did not like today’s performance of the player…

Live Performance is powerful, but only one time shot. But your opinion stays long .

When you talk about your opinion to the others, please take care how you deliver the message.

That one time opinion sometimes affect to musicians very good or very bad.

Musician is human being as well. We play sometimes good ,sometimes bad.

If your intention is good, of course we would like to hear your opinion even negative for our future.

Please do not influenced by other people’s opinion and do not spread out that especially if you have not listened that by yourself.

I believe this is very important to enhance positive music world. 😌

Charity Concert for flooding and Landslides in West Japan

We will play charity concert🎻🎹
“The July 2018’s flooding and landslides in West Japan Contributions”on 25Aug.2018 (Sat.),[email protected] 9/F Matsu & Kiku room The Hong Kong Japanese ClubHosted by The Hong Kong Japanese ClubSupported by The Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong.If you join us, please fill out the form below⬇️Registration Form

Charity Concert for flooding and Landslides in West Japan

We will play charity concert🎻🎹

“The July 2018’s flooding and landslides in West Japan Contributions”

on 25Aug.2018 (Sat.),6PM

@ 9/F Matsu & Kiku room

The Hongkong Japanese Club

Hosted by The Hongkong Japanese Club
Supported by The Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong

If you join us , please fill out the form below⬇️

Salzburg concert

I went to concert in the Mirable Hall of Mirabell palace in Salzburg.

It was beautiful venue but I do not think it is suitable for listening classic concert. The acoustic is too much echo , so I cannot hear the details time to time. And because of the temperature (they do not have AC), strings goes down many times 😞

I do not think it was the best situation for them to perform.

Other than that ,the baroque violin soloist, Dimitris Karakantas tried his best to bling out his character . It was fun to listen his solo. Sometimes his playing reminds me middle eastern music even though he was playing Vivaldi😄 Well everybody has different taste… I enjoyed to listen that.

I hope Ensemble 1756’s intonation will improve better in the future. I am sure that the room temperture did not help that as well … It was tough for them.


Salzburg Music Festival

I went to one of the best concert in my life yesterday at The house for Mozart in Salzburg .

Violinist Renaud Capuçon plays three big pieces with his gorgeous sound especially high tone.

I was moved with the cellist ,Clemens Hagen’s playing.

He is so stable and he has enormous musical passion. And I must say his sound is so big and thick. He used the Strad , but I think he brings out the best sound out of that instrument 👍👍👍👍👍

The pianist , Trifonov has huge tone and he plays all three difficult pieces without any daubt😆

Their characters are different, but when they play together , it mixed so well and became huge one big oil painting with lots of colours.

One old elegant grandfather next to me was closing his eyes and smiling in piece. I never seen the happiest expression before. That makes me feel so warm.

I could tell the audience who were there last night loves music .

I was so happy to be there.😌

Bach Chaconne 50days Day 50

It is Day 50.

I played this Chaconne for somebody who are fighting with cancer.

I saw her dream with my dog. She was healthy in my dream😌

By the way, it was so tough to play through without editing and no acoustic (Japanese Tatami absorb the sound).

I will record this piece when I am ready…

I will continue to practice Chaconne:)






Bach Chaconne 50days Day 49

One more day to go…

I taught two students who are my old teacher’s students.

When I was little, I studied with my teacher at exactly same studio.

Time flies so fast. I would like to pass on young people what I learned as much as possible.