Charity Concert for flooding and Landslides in West Japan

We will play charity concert🎻🎹

“The July 2018’s flooding and landslides in West Japan Contributions”

on 25Aug.2018 (Sat.),6PM

@ 9/F Matsu & Kiku room

The Hongkong Japanese Club

Hosted by The Hongkong Japanese Club
Supported by The Consulate-General of Japan in Hong Kong

If you join us , please fill out the form below⬇️

Salzburg concert

I went to concert in the Mirable Hall of Mirabell palace in Salzburg.

It was beautiful venue but I do not think it is suitable for listening classic concert. The acoustic is too much echo , so I cannot hear the details time to time. And because of the temperature (they do not have AC), strings goes down many times 😞

I do not think it was the best situation for them to perform.

Other than that ,the baroque violin soloist, Dimitris Karakantas tried his best to bling out his character . It was fun to listen his solo. Sometimes his playing reminds me middle eastern music even though he was playing Vivaldi😄 Well everybody has different taste… I enjoyed to listen that.

I hope Ensemble 1756’s intonation will improve better in the future. I am sure that the room temperture did not help that as well … It was tough for them.


Salzburg Music Festival

I went to one of the best concert in my life yesterday at The house for Mozart in Salzburg .

Violinist Renaud Capuçon plays three big pieces with his gorgeous sound especially high tone.

I was moved with the cellist ,Clemens Hagen’s playing.

He is so stable and he has enormous musical passion. And I must say his sound is so big and thick. He used the Strad , but I think he brings out the best sound out of that instrument 👍👍👍👍👍

The pianist , Trifonov has huge tone and he plays all three difficult pieces without any daubt😆

Their characters are different, but when they play together , it mixed so well and became huge one big oil painting with lots of colours.

One old elegant grandfather next to me was closing his eyes and smiling in piece. I never seen the happiest expression before. That makes me feel so warm.

I could tell the audience who were there last night loves music .

I was so happy to be there.😌

Bach Chaconne 50days Day 50

It is Day 50.

I played this Chaconne for somebody who are fighting with cancer.

I saw her dream with my dog. She was healthy in my dream😌

By the way, it was so tough to play through without editing and no acoustic (Japanese Tatami absorb the sound).

I will record this piece when I am ready…

I will continue to practice Chaconne:)






Bach Chaconne 50days Day 49

One more day to go…

I taught two students who are my old teacher’s students.

When I was little, I studied with my teacher at exactly same studio.

Time flies so fast. I would like to pass on young people what I learned as much as possible.