Useful tips for orchestra playing from Marylou Speaker Churchill.

I was studying Orchestra Excerpts from Marylou Speaker Churchill who used to be the principal of Second Violin in Boston Symphony Orchestra for many years.

She is very tall and cheerful person. And she always encouraging the students. Also she always find the time between the rehearsals or concerts and she practice scales etc. and read books.

She taught me how to play in the orchestra from scratch .*Orchestra playing needs very different skills from solo playing.

She was nice but never compromise anything about playing.

Once I recorded 15mins long orchestra audition tape. I thought I did my best. But she found one 16 notes was out of tune. And she asked me to record them all again 😨

When I was studying with her ,I remember that I was practicing intonations quite a lot. Since my hands are small,I have to practice more than normal players.

I will wrote down some useful tips from her.

1: When we have difficult passage, try to smile 😊 Smile relaxes your body.

2: When you stand in front of music stand, try not to stand so close to that. You may stand you can see whole music . If it is too close, you cannot see the entire music line and music will not flow.

3: Practice fast passage with metronome. You may not realise that you are not together with metronome, so please record when you practice.

4: read a lot of books. That enlarge your music scale.

If I found out more , I will write down later. I hope it will help you some.





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